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    Why Choose Us

    On-the-Go Expertise

    West Sacramento Mobile Truck Repair brings skilled mechanics and advanced diagnostics directly to your location, saving you time and minimizing downtime.

    Comprehensive Solutions

    Our fully equipped mobile units are equipped to handle a wide range of truck repair needs, ensuring your vehicle gets the attention it deserves.

    Reliable and Convenient

    With a commitment to prompt response times and customer satisfaction, we offer a reliable and hassle-free option for keeping your truck on the road and in optimal condition.

    A class 8 semi truck should have its oil changed about every 25,000 miles. Some owners opt to do the job themselves, which is perfectly fine so long as they have the right tools. But maybe you’ve already changed the oil in both your car and your wife’s car, and don’t feel like wrangling with a big rig. Or maybe you own a whole fleet of rigs and aren’t about to crawl underneath every single one.

    Whichever the case, West Sacramento Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair can take care of things for you. We’ll do one truck, two, ten, or however many you’ve got. Our services never come up shy. Indeed, we go through a step-by-step process that saves time while ensuring the job gets done right.

    this image shows truck oil change in West Sacramento, CA

    We handle:

    • Warming the old oil first (for less thickness and better flow) 
    • Draining
    • Filter changes
    • Plug changes
    • Replacing the old oil with synthetic or mineral oil (or really, the kind of oil you prefer)
    • Disposal of the old oil

    A professional oil change from our team saves you time and keeps your hands clean. Plus, you’ll get the quality work of an experienced crew.

    When Is It Time For An Oil Change?

    Changing the oil in a truck is much the same as doing so with a car—except that all the parts are much larger.

    Knowing when to change the oil in your semi-truck is crucial for maintaining its performance and longevity. One key indicator is the color of the oil. Fresh oil should have an amber color, indicating its cleanliness and effectiveness. If the oil appears dark or black, it may be contaminated with dirt, debris, or engine wear particles, signaling the need for an oil change.

    Monitoring the exhaust is also important. Dark smoke coming from the exhaust can be a sign of oil that is overdue for a change, as it indicates burning or excessive oil consumption.

    Additionally, paying attention to engine noise is essential. If you notice an increase in engine noise or knocking sounds, it could be an indication that the oil is no longer providing adequate lubrication and needs to be replaced.

    Regularly following the manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals and monitoring these signs will help ensure optimal engine performance and protect your semi-truck from potential damage.

    Oil Changes For Trucks of All Sizes

    Our comprehensive truck oil change service covers Yolo County, providing convenience and expertise for a wide range of vehicles. At West Sacramento Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair, we cater not only to class 8 trucks but also offer oil changes for box trucks, buses, farm equipment, and city vehicles such as trash trucks and dump trucks. Our experienced team of mechanics is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to handle various types of vehicles, ensuring proper oil changes that keep engines running smoothly and efficiently. Whether you have a commercial fleet or individual trucks, trust us to deliver reliable and efficient oil change services throughout Yolo County.

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    Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    Dedicated to delivering top-tier mobile truck repair services, our team of experienced technicians guarantees dependable and effective solutions for all your repair needs. Employing cutting-edge equipment and advanced methodologies, we proficiently address a wide array of repair scenarios, ensuring the secure and timely repair of your vehicles or equipment.

    I can’t express how thankful I am for West Sacramento Mobile Truck Repair. When my truck suddenly broke down on a busy highway, their quick response and expertise saved the day. The mechanic arrived promptly, diagnosed the issue, and got me back on the road faster than I could’ve hoped. Highly recommended!

    Ricky Wilson

    West Sacramento Mobile Truck Repair is my go-to whenever my truck needs attention. As a busy driver, their on-site service is a game-changer. They fixed a persistent engine problem that others couldn’t seem to solve. They are not only skilled but also friendly, making the whole experience stress-free.

    Roy Blizzard

    I had a fantastic experience with West Sacramento Mobile Truck Repair. They came to my rescue when I had a flat tire on a tight schedule. The mechanic arrived within the promised timeframe and had the tire changed in no time. Their efficiency and professionalism left a great impression

    Brian Hendrick